How to buy securely with a credit card over the internet

Do you know how to safely buy with a credit card online or are you taking unnecessary risks? After all, there is nothing more convenient than entering a few numbers, expiration date, and security code to pay for any product or service online in seconds.

But that convenience comes at a price. Hackers can steal your information, use it to make unauthorized purchases, and rack up huge fees, which can seriously affect your credit score. But what if you could avoid these problems by using a virtual credit card?

credit card over the internet

buy with credit card over the internet safely

The safest way to buy on the Internet is to use a virtual credit card that generates a unique number for each purchase. When you sign into your account, it will be associated with this number and you’ll be able to verify every transaction as a single entry.

To create a virtual credit card, simply go to the website of the company selling your items. In most cases, they will have an option to “Create Your Own Credit Card”. Follow the steps and fill out the required fields: name, address, and so on. Then enter the last four digits of your social security number (SSN) and click on “next” to generate the unique number.

Now you need to activate your virtual credit card. Click “Activate” and you’ll see a screen asking you to confirm it. Enter the number you just generated, then click “confirm”. This process will also include making sure that your virtual credit card won’t expire before its first use, which is another important part of protecting yourself against fraud.

activate your card notifications

Another great feature of virtual credit cards is card notifications – you will receive a text message when you get charged. Virtual cards may not provide the same level of protection as full-fledged credit cards, but they do protect you against fraudulent charges.

You should definitely enable them on your phone, especially if you plan to shop at eCommerce websites where you might not be aware of your actual credit card number. If you don’t, an unscrupulous seller could easily charge your card without your knowledge.

Most companies offer their own app for this purpose. You can find it in the App Store or Google Play. Alternatively, you can download and install one of many apps for this purpose, such as BillGuard.

If you plan to shop on sites that require a physical credit card, make sure to bring along the one you actually use. For example, requires a physical credit or debit card to complete your order. You can use your phone’s camera to scan the barcode and enter the details manually, but it’s much easier to use your virtual card instead.

Buy only from reliable stores

When shopping on the web, always choose reputable sellers. Make sure to read reviews carefully and look for red flags like poor communication, lack of shipping options, and so on.

Another tip is to check whether the store sells goods outside its country of origin. Some countries have strict export laws that limit where products made within their borders can legally be sold.

Some countries have even adopted special rules for online sales, banning all international transactions unless the seller has a physical presence in the country of residence. These rules often apply to high-value items, so watch out!

Also, some eCommerce platforms don’t allow you to register a virtual credit card for free. Instead, they ask you to spend $5-$10 just to have access to their services. There is no reason to pay for something that you already have for free.

So, before spending money on anything, make sure to research thoroughly before buying.

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